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 2018-2020 OFFICERS 

 President: Charles E. Battle
Vice President: Conrad Gibson
Secretary: Velma King
Assistant Secretary: Malinda Battle         
Cora Thorne
Assistant Treasurer: Mae Bullock
Financial Secretary:             
Hospitality: Mary S. Peay
Business Managers: Malinda Battle
Fund Raiser: George Westry
Program Manager:                
Mary S. Peay / Michelle Young      
Sergeant at Arms:           


The “Washington DC Chapter” of the Nash Central Alumni was established on October 20, 1976.  Several graduates from Nash Central Senior High School (formally Nash County Training School) met at Southeast Gardens in Oxon Hill, Maryland to organize one of five chapters of the Nash Central Alumni Association.  The “Washington DC Chapter” accommodates Nash Central graduates or attendees principally in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  However, any Nash Central Senior High attendee may join the chapter.



The mission of the “Washington DC Chapter” is to financially enhance the higher academic growth of our young adults, and the quality of life in our environment.  Its members subscribe to wholesome beliefs and strong leadership qualities.  To support the academic growth of our young adults, the chapter sponsors several fundraisers each year in order to provide a scholarship though the O. D. Moore Scholarship Foundation.

Since the inception of the “Washington DC Chapter”, quality leadership was exhibited by past presidents James E. Odom, Bettie D. Powell, and Ara (Tena) J. Bullock.

Schedule Of Events - Chapter Meeting Dates 2020

Location: To Be Announced

          * July 12             Monthly Meeting 
          * September 20 Monthly Meeting
          * December 6     Meeting and Christmas Fellowship 
Special Events:
          * Mid-Year Conference on October 10 thru 11, 2014



Chapter Membership Roster - Graduation Year

Doris King Barham   1965
Charles E. Battle   1964
Cyrus Boddie   1964
Sam Boddie   1960
Hattie Bullock Mitchell   1967
Mae Bullock   1964
Malinda Cooper Battle   1967
Margaret Cooper House   1961
Conrad W. Gibson   1962
Ara (Tena) Joyner Bullock   1952
Carolyn D. Joyner   1961
Johnnie King   1964
Velma King   Associate Member
Archaleus Leonard, Sr.   1953
Catherine McCann Roberson   1964
Dorothine Murphy Speller   1967
Peggie Murphy   1960
Dorothine Murphy Speller   1967
Doris Pulley Leonard   1956
Cora Richardson Joyner   1958
Tempie Richardson   1965
Morris E. Roberson   1966
Geneva Stokes   1964
Martha Stokes Moody   1961
Mary Stokes Peay   1961
Cora Thorne   1965
George Westry   1964
Michele Young   Associate Member


The Chapter in the Sky of the NCSHAA – DCC
Top Row from Left to Right:
Virgelene Richardson Braswell, Kenneth Battle, Betty Jean B. B. Battle, Jack Jones, Doris Pulley Leonard
Second Row Left to Right
Howard Lee Wilder, Bettie Davis Powell, Lewis Alston, Henry Earl Coley, Martha Stokes Moody.
Third Row Left to Right
Jodie E. Wilson, Johnny King, Geoffrey Arrington, MacArthur Cooper, James Powell.
Fourth Row Left to Right
Ben Harrison, Mary Harrison, Ophelia Savage, Dollie Scott, Ted Wilson.
Row Five Left to Right
Booty Green, James Taybron, Cyrus Boddie,
Lafayette {Skillet} Battle, Purcell Arrington.
Row Six Left to Right
James Odom, Monte Joyner, Roscoe Davis, Rev. Conrad Gibson, Peggy Murphy
No photos found on the following names:
William Branch, Elijah Branch, Alton Davis, Elmira Williams,
Roosevelt {Spike} Richardson.
All R.I.P.
By Archaleus Leonard, Sr.