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2018-2020 Officers

President: Carolyn Westry-Morgan
Vice President: Orlandus Moore
Secretary: Thelma Simmons
Corresponding Secretary: __________
Treasurer: Evelyn Hart

Financial Secretary: 
Chaplain: __________

The Nashville, North Carolina Chapter, one of the five existing chapters of the Nash Central Senior High Alumni Association (NCSHAA), was organized in 1976, under the umbrella of the National Chapter and the O. D. Moore Scholarship Foundation.



The mission of the Nashville Chapter is to financially support the O. D. Moore Scholarship Foundation, as it provides scholarships to deserving high school graduates entering a four year and/or community college.  The chapter strives to provide leadership that fosters a better environment and clean wholesome social interaction among its members, and the community.  This mission is accomplished through fund-raisers, personal contributions, hard work, and dedicated members.


Schedule Of Events - Chapter Meeting Dates 2019





Special Events:



Chapter Membership Roster - Graduation Year

Andy Anderson Associate Member
Belle Arrington 1960
Chris Avent Felder 1960
John T. Avent 1959
Bertha Battle 1960
Janie Battle 1960
Irma Boykins 1966
Nancy Cooper Stokes 1966
Allegro Cordell Associate Member
Goldie Ford Moody 1966
Patrick Ford Associate Member
Doris Jackson McBride 1952
Viola Heggins 19??
Jimmy Harris 1961
Walter Harper 1955
Evelyn Hart 1967
Linnie Hargrove 1959
Edward Hedgepeth 1957
Frances Hedgepeth 1957
Vera Hilliard Mann 1936
Jesse J. Hinton, Jr. 1964
Catherine Lucas (19   ) 19??
Lela Dell Macklin Hinton 1945
James A. McBride Associate Member
Thelma McKissey Simmons 19??
Anita McKnight Associate Member
Orlandus Moore 1953
Brenda Morgan Neal 19??
Wiley Neal 1969
Ethelyne Parker 1960
Ernestine Powell Peete 1965
William Peete 19??
Alice B. Jackson Powell 1941
Ernestine Vines Payne 1961
Margaret Richardson Granison 1959
Louise Ricks 1966
Bernice Sills Britt 1943
Patricia Thompson 1958
Lorenza Thorne 19??
Carolyn Westry Morgan 1969
Roberta Whitaker Associate Member
Madgalene Whitley 1958
Dorthy Vines 1953