Class of 1956 News


May 27, 2006

Gateway Convention Centre
Rocky Mount, North Carolina

The Beginning

It was on August 16, 1952 when the Class of 1956 entered Nash County Training Schools as ninth graders. It was something new and exciting for all of us. It meant early morning rising, a quick breakfast, new clothes, and some of us riding the school bus for the fkst time. The buses arrive at NCTS around 8:00 a.m. There were at least 160 freshmen waiting for instructions. We were coming from much smaller Elementary Schools such as Castalia, Cedar Grove, Easonburg, Evans, Jefferies, Marks Chapel, NCTS Elementary, Lewis Ricks, Rocky Land, Snow Hill, and Tar River. We were coming from schools that had 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 rooms to NCTS. NCTS had 6 buildings and 12 High School Teachers. The Principal was Mr. Willard J. McLean. The other teachers were Mr. J. E. Alexander, Mrs. A. D. Bailey, Miss E. M. Brown, Miss M. A. Dancy, Mr. R. E. Fitzgerald, Mrs. D. H. Jones, Mrs. Vera Mann, Miss. E. M. McLaughlin, Mr. O. D. Moore, Mrs. J. A. Powell, and Mrs. R. P. Roberts. From their teaching, love, and nurturing, we gained knowledge, strength, and courage.

Thanks for the Memories Class of 1956