NCSHAA Officers

Nash Central Senior High Alumni Association


Evelyn Hart


Jesse J. Hinton, Jr.

Thelma Simmons

Goldie Ford Moody

Carolyn Westry Morgan

Charles Battle

Conrad Gibson

The mission of the NCSHAA is to financially support the O. D. Moore Scholarship Foundation, as it provides scholarships to deserving high school graduates entering a four year and/or community college.  The association strives to provide leadership that fosters a better environment and clean wholesome social interaction among its members, and the community.  This mission is accomplished through fund-raisers, personal contributions, hard work, and dedicated members.


The National President's Message

My Fellow Falcons and Friends.
First and most importantly, I hope and pray that you and your family are safe as we weather through this Pandemic.  During the year 2020 we had a devastating experience that we have never had in our lifetime. But, I am completely convinced that there are reasons for optimistic hope in the future.
Secondly, thank you for the trust and confidence that you invested in me by electing me to serve as the president of Nash Central Senior High Alumni Association. I am the grateful and humble beneficiary of the numerous legacies and achievements forged by my predecessors. I pledge to do my best, as I strive to follow in their footsteps.
On this day I commit to you, without reservation, that I will work tirelessly to champion the cause of NCSHAA, to steward its mission and to strengthen and secure its future. We have much work ahead of use to do in sustaining our association.
With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if I am to work alone. Alone we can do so Little; Together we can accomplish so Much. I welcome your, ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
I am looking forward to increased participation of all Alumni members and Friends, by attendance during our Annual Memorial Weekend Meeting and during our Mid-Year Conference Meeting. I would like members to get information first-hand and to voice their opinions at the meetings. We promise that we will listen and show respect. The way that an organization survives is dependent on the participation of its members. We are in need of everyone’s support. So, Let’s Get to Work!
Last year we were not able to gather for our Annual Memorial Weekend Reunion due to
 COVID-19, which I am sure many of you like myself missed significantly. We look forward to the time when we can again connect in person with our fellow Falcons, Classmates, and Friends.
Again, thank you for the privilege to serve as our association president. I only ask that you follow me as I follow Jesus Christ. May God continue to Bless each of us and keep All in His loving arms of protection.
Evelyn Hart, National President