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2018-2020 OFFICERS

 President: Doris Wilson
1st Vice President: Wyatt Jackson
2nd Vice President: Hattie Dunn
Secretary: Rhodesia Joyner

Financial Secretary: Mary Evans
Chaplain: Wyatt Jackson
Sergeant-At-Arms: Jesse Westry
Business Manager/Advisor: Bobby Dunn

The “Upper East Coast Chapter” of the Nash Central Alumni was established at a social gathering; consisting mostly of alumni of Nash Central High School at the home of Ms. Susie Bailey in April 1976. The first official chapter meeting was help on December 3, 1976. Our faithful members, under the leadership of former presidents Luther Avent, James Bailey, Dorothy Vines and Maggie Ricks, have experienced some great success over the years. We contribute yearly to the O. D. Moore Scholarship Fund.

In May 2003, the New York Chapter changed its name to the “Upper East Coast Chapter” in an effort to enlist more alumni in the Northern East Coast Region. We thank those new members from New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania for becoming members of this chapter. We too are also looking forward to future achievements and success.



The mission of the “Upper East Coast Chapter” is to provide mediums for the preservation and celebration of our unique heritage and tradition created by all who attended Nash Central Senior High School / Nash County Training School of Nashville, North Carolina.

The memory of this educational institution will be kept alive by supporting the O. D. Moore Scholarship Foundation’s objectives and by assisting in the fundraising efforts to obtain scholarship funds for deserving young adults.

A high premium will always be placed on the identification, guidance and promotion of young adults with potential leadership qualities.


Schedule Of Events - Chapter Meeting Dates 2020

Location: Conference Call - Meeting conducted via conference call

Date/Time: Conference call - 2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm

Special Events:



Chapter Membership Roster - Graduation Year

Louis Battle 1965
Ruby Tharrington Bernardo 1962
Bobby T. Dunn Associate Member
Sonya Dunn Associate Member
Mary Evans 1960
Carolyn Farmer 1962
Hattie Jones Ghrael 1962
Robert "Buck" Jackson 1966
Wyatt Jackson 1963
Sheila Kirkland Associate Member
Rhodesia Joyner 1972 (Northern HS)
Maggie Ricks 1953
Percy Taylor, Jr. 1960
Hattie Wilder 1957
Doris Wilson 1960